SGA Design is an established building design firm in Melbourne. Initially started as a drafting and building design business, now the company has a group of talented designers, delivers 40-50 projects each year covers residential, commercial to industrial projects. The services provided are Building Design, Interior Design, Town Planning Application, Contract Documentation, Contract Administration and Project Management.



The Vision of SGA is to create and deliver human centred and future oriented built environments.
True customised design based on human experience
SGA put human experience as the base of design. We respect, collect, observe and analyse client’s experience, and make them the fundamental data when creating customised design solutions.
Optimised user experience throughout
It is SGA’s utmost and endless goal to improve the user experience for the client - no mater during the design stage, construction, life span of the building or deconstruct of it; and no mater it is for the project client themselves, the future occupier, or the community it sustains.
Contribution to environment
SGA believes that to solve the environment problems, current sustainable or environment friendly solutions are not enough. We believe built from can eventually contribute to the environment and we endeavour to seek solutions to facilitate the mutual existence of human and nature.
Best use of technology
SGA believes the power of technology and big data. We also believe good technology should be invisible, human and nature oriented, and fully embedded into the design solution
Last but not least, we believe any project should be firstly economically smart. The economically sustainability of any development is the key to achieve any future vision.



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Shu Guo
Shu is a registered Building Designer with rich experience in Construction and Property development since early 2000, over Australia, China and New Zealand. Previously Shu worked for Mofcom for years after he obtained an Economic degree in UIBE in Beijing, China. Ever since Shu started SGA Design in Melbourne in 2007, the firm has experienced fast growth, thanks to the prosperous property development market in Australia and large demand from overseas and local investors. Now Shu is endearing himself in team building, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction.
Chang BWChang
Chang Li
Financial Manager, (CPA Australia, CGA Canada)
Chang has over 15 years experience in accounting, financial planning, financial analysis and management, financing and taxation. Before founding SGA Deign with Shu, Chang was the youngest CFO in Citic Group in China for over 5 years, then worked in accounting, financial management and taxation area in Australia for over 4 years. Except for looking after daily accounting and financial management of SGA Design, Chang also provide financial consulting and management support to clients' development project.
Francis Wai
Design Team Leader
Francis has graduated and taught design at University of Melbourne. At SGA, he is responsible for design across all stages, with a strong focus on feasibility studies, town planning, and concept design. He also oversees projects throughout documentation and construction stages to ensure design quality are delivered to its original intention. Francis is a professional of multi-cultural influence. Having been educated and worked in both Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne, he understands cultural specifics of Asian heritage and at the same time he is well-versed in cross-cultural liaison and appreciate interactions of diverse communities. He has strong command in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay. He is also active academically and has been teaching design and construction in the University of Melbourne. His main subject is contemporary Japanese design, with a strong interest in space and relationship with nature. He enjoys mentoring young talents in the education setting. He enjoys outdoor living and likes to drive his Mini Cabrio to the site for work, to the beach for play and to see his beloved clients.
Richard Souris
Design Manager
Jean-Richard has been in the Architectural industry for the last five years. Combined with a background in residential design and home modifications for people with disabilities, J.R is well equipped in developing projects from concept to completion stage with complex conditions. During his journey in the Architectural industry, he has also been involved in high-end residential projects including restoration/ extension of Victorian terrace houses across South Melbourne.
Along with a recognised Architecture degree, J.R also possesses a very good command of French.
As a classical musician, J.R believes that Architecture and Music are quite similar; “as they both are the result of the composer’s expression and which bring people together”
Sharon BWSharon
Sharon Liew
Design Manager
Sharon graduated from University of Tasmania, Australia with a Bachelor of Environmental Design and, a Master of Architecture with Honours from The University of Newcastle, Australia.
She joined SGA Design in early 2018. Prior to commencing work at SGA Design, she worked at a series of small practices across Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Brunei Darussalam, gaining experience in residential and commercial projects. Influenced by her upbringing in Malaysia and her working experience in Brunei, she is interested in how Feng Shui can be incorporated in the architectural design and strongly believes that Feng Shui could be an alternative theory for the betterment of the built environment. Other than that, she is also interested in how people think or feel the space and the way they like to live within the space as it helps to inspire to create a good and unique architectural design.
Jayden BWJayden
Jayden Yang
Project Manager
Jayden joined SGA Design in 2017 with his career pursuit in property development and building design. Being a recent graduate, Jayden brings his skills and knowledge to the team and has been actively assisting in various projects since his joining. His main interest lies in the full life-cycle management of residential projects. And he believes running any successful projects is no difference from building the structure of a skyscraper, in which having a solid foundation and maintaining a step-by-step progress are the key factors. He is dedicated to assisting in establishing new projects, managing existing projects and communicating with clients, as well as design drafting and contract administration on a daily basis.
Jayden is an engineering graduate from the University of Melbourne. He enjoys going on road trips in his leisure time.
Appreciation to everyone who has worked with us.
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